Captain Buttbeard's Links

Invidious Cool YouTube alternative. Allows you to listen to audio on phones when your screen is turned off, I use it for those 10 hours long rain videos to fall asleep to.
This forum has probably the most useful informations about Xbox 360 backup creation.
Xbox 360 Game Install Sizes
Lists every(?) Xbox 360 game's install size and if installing improves the loading times or not, very useful.
Backup of abgx360 and it's files, the program you need to use on your ISOs before burning Xbox 360 games.
This is the program you need to use to properly burn LibCrypt protected PlayStation games (if your burner supports it).
Xbox Live replacement with free multiplayer and leaderboards.
PopsLoader Compatibility List
Up to date compatibility list of PlayStation games for PopsLoader on PlayStation Portable.
Xbox 360 HDMI Display Settings Guide
A really useful guide that explains everyhing about the Xbox 360 display settings.
Xbox 360 versus PS3 Summary
Shows you which multiplatform games play better on the Xbox 360 and on the PlayStation 3.