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Unexpected update: I bought a PlayStation 3. I've been thinking about RGHing my Xbox 360, but I would never ever attempt soldering, no fucking way I could do it without fucking it up, I don't even have any tools to do it, and there is like only one guy left in this country who still does that shit and I heard it could potentially fuck up and ruin your console, and no fucking way I would ever trust anyone in this shithole. Even if I would it isn't cheap and with the train tickets to go there and eat somewhere while I'm waiting for it to be finished it would be pretty close in price to just buying one used. But I didn't want to have another Xbox 360, so I thought what if I buy a PlayStation 3 instead, it costs the same amount and it would give me access to more games I can't play on the Xbox 360. To be honest I always thought the PlayStation 3 was a fucking disaster (well, I still do), especially for 600 dollars, the only game I remember that I wanted to play was inFamous, and looking through the list of exclusives it's pretty awful lol, I feel bad for anyone who didn't have a Xbox 360 back in those days. Still there are some that look interesting, like the Resistance series (made by the Spyro and Ratchet & Clank devs), Folklore, God of War III etc and actually there are a lot of download only games that I'm more excited about than retail games lol. And it can play PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable games which makes it a good backup in case something happens to those consoles. I'm still gonna use my Xbox 360 to play the games I'm interested in, but there are a few games that play better on the PlayStation 3 and I would play the multi disc games there too like Dead Space 2. And to be honest there really aren't many games left I would buy any Verbatim discs for, like the rest of those games I would try out would be fine there. I wanted to find a CECH-2500 model because I heard it's the most reliable one and I managed to find one a few days ago for a really cheap price and that's when I decided to buy it. This is the last model with CFW support (not all though, it depends on the date code) so that also made it an easier decision. It wasn't hard to install it, I used Evilnat and it's an interesting hacking method, you need to open a website from the PlayStation 3 browser to flash it lol (built in Wi-Fi makes it easier to use) then install the hacked update from a flash drive. Even the unmodded menu was a bit confusing, it looks like the PlayStation Portable interface but with the CFW there are so many new options lol. I installed 3 apps, multiMAN which is needed for FTP and to play ISOs I think, webMAN MOD for fan control (I switched to Auto #2, it looks like the best option) which might makes it possible to play during summers when it isn't above 30 degrees (and it was cleaned and repasted), and PS2 Classics Vault which you can use to download games on the console, like straight from the Sony store lmao, hell you can even go online they don't ban you lmao, you can download patches officially too lol. It doesn't have every game, mostly just the ones released online too, so I gotta look into how it works exactly, but because of Blu-ray some games are like 30GB wtf, I don't even have any space to download those yet alone extract them, I bought a 64GB flash drive just in case, hopefully that would be enough (holy fuck since when are these so cheap, I'm really out of touch with current prices). I downloaded a few games from that store and the install times are noticeably longer than on the Xbox 360 but it's not too bad. One thing I was worried about was how it will look on my TV, cause when I got this Samsung LED TV both in 720p and in 1080p the games looked blurry as hell on my Xbox 360, I found an article that explained all the display options and switching the TV to PC mode and picking 1360x768 made everything look crystal clear, I guess the console is weird that way (I will add that article to the links page, it's really useful). But PlayStation 3 doesn't seem to have that problem and everything looks fine lol. Also it's hilarious that the controller is almost exactly the same lmao (I remember the original banana design lmao, what a fucking joke that was, then of course they pretended it was just a concept lmao yeah right), they just turned the R2 and L2 buttons into these weird triggers, and there is some motion sensor shit too (fuck that shit lmao). I'm not gonna use it very often till I get to 2006 on my PlayStation 2 (that's gonna be like so many years eh), it was more like a purchase for the future. I'm also preparing for the summer, I converted a shitton of movies to watch them on my PlayStation Portable (I don't know why I like watching them there, it's just so comfy). Oh and a few months ago Halo 2 finally got added to Insignia, they even added the DLCs too lol, I played it for a few weeks and it was so much fun. Of course the playerbase disappeared again but that was expected unfortunately.
Another mostly Sony console focused post. Because the insane summer heat was coming up I mostly just focused on my PlayStation Portable. It really bothered me that I don't have any case for it and I just store it in the cupboard, I already managed to scratch the screen twice and it drives me insane so I wanted a screen protector too. I bought screen protectors and a clear case where you can still play on the console without taking it out on AliExpress, and suprisingly it arrived in like 3 weeks, it usually takes months for everything to get here from commie China. Of course the case is a cheaply made piece of shit like everything from China, it wouldn't protect it from shit plus the top of the screen cover had a crack on it but I could just lift it up so that's not really an issue, the problem is I could barely plug in the charger and I play without battery because I don't want it to bulge and explode lmao and I want it to last for a long time. Well still it's good enough to store it in something plus I have the screen protector too, and before I put it on I wanted to open the PlayStation Portable and clean it inside, especially that giant fucking dust ball inside the screen which drove me fucking insane. It had so much dirt inside lol, I cleaned up the faceplate with some water and soap, and the LCD screen carefully with a microfiber cloth, the fucking dust shit barely wanted to get off, plus there seems to be some fungus like shit inside I couldn't clean off but it's not visible when I play. And man the screen look so much better since I cleaned it, there was so much fucking little dust inside it's unbelievable. There was 3 screen protectors in the package and of course I fucked it up with the first one, I'm so bad at aligning shit, the second one I was able to put it on perfectly without any air bubbles. I don't know how much these cheap garbage Chinese shit protect but it looks ok so far. I also looked more into the programs and emulators and fan games, I had a Game Boy Advance one already for a few games and I got some for Sega systems too like Mega Drive and Mega CD, I usually hate 2D games but there are a few ones that look cool or play like a third person game, or something like Snatcher which is like an adventure game. It seems like the emulator is almost perfect, but most people use a newer version that isn't even compatible with the PlayStation Portable, someone just ported it back and most games are broken as fuck, the last real PicoDrive version was 1.51b so get that one. Then I found some Halo fan game which is like multiplayer only with bots lol I wish the real games had them too. I also added a Turok inspired game which has a proper campaign which is pretty impressive. But their order was all fucked up, I wanted to keep the emulators and PlayStation games separate and I found some programs that're supposed to let you change it but they just fucked everything up, but I found this one called PSP Filer where you can change the last modified date and change the order that way and it works perfectly. I also had comic and book reader programs on it already but I don't really use those, it's crazy how much shit you can do on this device. I also got fascinated by the idea of watching movies on it, back in the 2000s I would have lost my mind for a portable DVD player like that. But I didn't just want to convert MP4 videos, I wanted to play those UMD movies with menus and shit and turned out it's possible, you just load up the ISO and that's it, the problem is no one has archived all of them but you can still find some large collections. I was in a cyberpunk mood all summer so I watched Akira on it which I liked and I didn't feel like the small screen takes away from the experience, so I wanted to find more from the 80s and 90s (because the artstyle after that is fucking disgusting I don't understand how anyone could watch them) and I found out about AD Police Files but it was part of series so I had to watch Bubblegum Crisis first and it was fucking terrible juvenile girly garbage like most anime, but man AD Police Files was fucking awesome it had a completely different tone, then continued with Bubblegum Crash which is the same shit as the first one, and finally Parasite Dolls which was alright and I think I read something like it was one of the last hand drawn animes that's why it looked better than anything since the 90s. I also found out about Appleseed which had a UMD release, so I watched the 80s original and of course same garbage as most of these, and the other one was pretty bad too. Well the ones without ISOs I converted with HandBreak with burned in subtitles (and English dubs of course, how the fuck could anyone tolerate Japanese voice acting is beyond me), for some reason they either looked like shit first or didn't want to play at all, the settings that worked for me the best are Encoder Level: Baseline, Encoder Tune: None and Encoder Level: 2.1, the rest I think is pretty obvious. I also wanted to watch Perfect Blue but the UMD release had fucked up aspect ratio and no subtitles so I downloaded a DVD ISO and ripped the movie and the extras and converted lol, it was ok I guess, nice to see some nudity in these cartoons lol. And at last I watched the Starship Troopers UMD lmao, to me it's just a stupid B movie about killing bugs nothing more, I refuse to treat it as a satire of propaganda. As for games, I played tons of Lumines: Puzzle Fusion and normally I would never play games like this, but my Xbox 360 has some trial games on it and I played Lumines Live! when I was bored and I found it suprisingly addictive so I downloaded the original game and it's actually really fun. I also got Go! Sudoku (the European version, the American is literally broken) and Mind Quiz: Exercise Your Brain to get my shitty brain back on track lol. The reason why I don't list these games is because there is no way I could ever finish them and I only played them when there was nothing else to play. Well that's about the PlayStation Portable, which is fucking awesome to have in summer, seriously I can't imagine what else would I do without it. There are some games that don't work in OPL, most notably Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War so I bought a 10 pack of Verbatim DVDs which should be more than enough, but they accidentally sent me a 50 pack lmao so now I have tons of fucking DVDs. Anyway I patched the ISO with the ESR method because that's the only way to play discs on Free MCBoot but the same shit happened as with the FreeDVDBoot DVD, it barely wanted to read it and it made such horrible noises I was scared it's gonna kill the disc drive. So I looked up online what could be the issue and some people were saying never burn on the slowest speed, it's some leftover myth from the early 2000s and it's the worst thing you could do to your disc. And I know I burned them on 4x speed which is the slowest, and they said you should be burning on half of the max supported speed. So I burned the game again on 8x speed and of course the PlayStation 2 immediately reads the disc and loads fast as fuck without any issues. Of course most people online would be telling you to replace the laser as they would have when the ribbon cable was the problem, never fucking listen to those morons there is nothing wrong with your laser. And for last, I bought 10 Verbatim discs for my Xbox 360 too lol because they were insanely cheap (like 20% of what they cost) and I can't miss an opportunity like that. And it turned out there are still lots of games I would be interested in playing, especially some late ones I didn't really know about so it should be enough for a while. Oh I forgot to mention I got a Play and Charge Kit cable too for my Xbox 360. AA batteries cost like 3 times as much now for some fucking reason so I can't just buy a cheap pack and use it for a few weeks, so to save money I wanted to get one, some dude was selling the cable only (you don't need the battery, it works without it too which is fucking awesome) and luckily I asked first if it's still available but it wasn't, he wanted to sell me some Chinese garbage instead for the same price yeah fuck right off, but a few weeks later someone else was selling the OEM cable for half the price lmao so I got lucky again. And it's great, honestly I prefer having cables it feels more real (I need my fucking cables and buttons to press, I still can't get used to typing on a smartphone) and I don't have to worry about it disconnecting when the controller vibrates like crazy and the battery is low.
This is going to be a Sony console centric blogpost. So I started looking for a solution to play NTSC PlayStation games with disc swapping more than a year ago, I went through lots of old archives and forums, and some people said you can patch the game and make it PAL but that would add shitty black bars on the top or bottom, and the speed wouldn't be correct. I looked through French, German, Italian, Russian forums lol searching for keywords and someone said you can get the correct speed with changing the video mode to NTSC in GSM, but I think that would only play the games in 480i. There is Mechapwn too which came out around that time but that woulnd't allow me to play NTSC games on my model without patching games to PAL and you have to burn discs in a special way which means I couldn't play the games I already burned, and it fucks with Free MCBoot so no thanks. But someone mentioned PS1VModeNeg on a forum which would play the games in their correct speed, but then I read about it and there was a note that said it could literally make your TV blow up lmao wtf, so I was scared to try it out and that's why it took me more than a year to play NTSC games. On another forum and one a French one some people mentioned that you can burn an Action Replay or GameShark disc which would stop your disc drive and you can swap the disc again and then press play in the menu and launch the game and it would pass the boot screen that way. Now the question was which disc would be the boot disc in this situation, because with this method you can only play games that are smaller in size. I couldn't really find an answer online, but I wanted to play Metal Gear Solid without the shitty black bars so I put together all these methods and came up with the solution that could work. Here is what I did: I downloaded PS1VModeNeg v1.01 (later one doesn't work) and an iso called "Action Replay 2 Version 2.23 (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It) (Disc 2) (Bonus PSone Codes!) (Unl)" (but apparently "Breaker Pro Version 1.1 (Europe) (Unl)" could work too) and burned a CD and I copied PS1VModeNeg to the memory card. Then as usual I put in my original PlayStation game and held down R1 when I turned on the PlayStation 2 to go into uLaunchELF which stops the disc drive. Now I swapped the disc with Action Replay 2 Version 2.23 and launched PS1VModeNeg (then ran the fuck out of the room in case my TV would explode lmao, it didn't) which then launched it in NTSC mode and the screen was all fucked up because it's a PAL disc. Then I selected Start game without cheats or something like that, which means the disc drive stopped again and I could swap it with my NTSC disc and then I pressed X. This passed the PlayStation boot screen entirely and the game launched fine with the correct picture and speed! And I played through both Metal Gear Solid discs and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver which means the original PlayStation game you start with is the boot disc. So I was really happy to have a working solution but then near the end of the first disc of Metal Gear Solid I noticed light scratches on the bottom of the disc, which means the ribbon cable was scratching discs again. I checked and the tape didn't hold it down anymore so I taped it down again but then it barely wanted to read discs and the game froze once so I was like oh god did I fuck up the laser somehow? Well turned out damaged ribbon cables can cause this so it was time to replace it which I was not looking forward to do. I found the only online store in my shithole that sells ribbon cables lmao and I ordered one (it's really cheap) but there are no good tutorials online and unplugging shit was a nightmare, but I managed to replace it and it fixed everything lol, it reads discs instantly with barely any load times and I don't have to worry about disc scratching anymore. From what I've read online everyone says it's always the laser when this happens and you need to replace it, and a lot of people complain it still doesn't work after replacing it so I can guarantee you it's the ribbon cable, always try to replace that when this happens out of nowhere. Because I've been playing more and more PlayStation games on my PlayStation Portable I was also looking for a solution to play games that might have some issues there, and I found out about PopsLoader which would allow me to switch between earlier version of the official Sony emulator as there are some games that don't work on the latest one. It also has the CDDA Enabler plugin which could fix sound issues. The problem was compatibility lists are from the 2000s so they are outdated as fuck lol but I found an up to date one and I will add that to the links page. And about Insignia, shit's dead as fuck lmao, it's like everyone left. I hate people who just check out some cool thing then leave and never touch it again. I couldn't find anyone online for months until recently, but only on the weekends when they add new games. At least I could experience Call of Duty 2: Big Red One and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 online too, they are really fun.
Not much happened until very recently, big they are two really big things so I thought I should talk about them. Sometimes I browse local marketplaces to see what they have, even if it's something I don't need. Well I found some housewife selling a 25 pack Verbatims for half the price I bought my 10 packs, no way I'm gonna find a deal like this ever again. The problem was they are printable discs and I didn't know if they are meant to be burned differently or something, but apparently not so it was a no brainer, I just had to buy it. Looking through lists again, there are still some games I would like to try so I'm sure they will be enough, and maybe I could have a few as backups because some of the shitty quality discs that came with my Xbox 360 barely wanted to work recently. But the most important news is the launch of Insignia. A few years ago I heard about this project which wants to bring back Xbox Live, but I thought it's never gonna happen because so much time had passed. But then they announced the closed beta starts in November and you can sign up and register your Xbox so I did immediately lol. I didn't even had the stock dashboard installed lol so I had to find my softmod disc again but I could test the connection and it worked. Then the day came and I was waiting for my invite code but I didn't recieve one. I tried the codes they posted on Twitter too but they didn't work anymore. But at the end of the day I finally got my invite and I managed to create a gamertag, with the name I've been using in games for like 20 years, which is so basic it's usually claimed everywhere else but here I could have it lol. Man I was so excited I don't even remember which game I tried first, it might have been Midtown Madness 3, which came with my Xbox and I played it a lot based on how much shit I unlocked lol but I barely remember it. And it has all these game modes that you can't play alone, like being a cop and chasing other cars, or trying to take some gold to a place before other cars, it's actually a lot of fun. Call of Duty: Finest Hour seems to be one of the more popular games which is weird lol, I actually bought it back in the day because I loved this series and I wanted to play all of the games (Call of Duty 3 was one of the first games I burned for my Xbox 360), but it's such a terrible game lmao but still I'm having fun with this one too (on the first day I actually killed that Modern Vintage Gamer guy in the game lmao). I downloaded Counter-Strike too, I've never played it but it's a multiplayer only game (with bots too), it's a bit weird like I don't think you can zoom in your weapon but this can be fun too. Unreal Championship is pretty cool too, I'm not the best but I'm not the worst either lol, it's really fast paced compared to other games. I could finally try out MechAssault too a few days ago and I was right it's a lot more fun in multiplayer lol, and Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge which is awesome and much better than the singleplayer (it's weird that barely anyone wants to play these games). It sounds like online multiplayer just makes everything better but that's not true, Whacked! felt exactly like the same and XIII is actually worse, the gunplay is terrible I can barely hit anyone for some reason. And then the next Monday they added my favorite games, Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II! I can't believe I could finally experience them online on Xbox (I played them on PC before but it sucks there), and I knew decades of playing these games would prepare me lmao because I'm dominating everyone lol. It's so much fun even though they are kinda laggy. I just hope people will keep playing, it's already hard to find games with enough people. There is another way to play online with XLink Kai which is like system link through the internet, but it fucking sucks I have to disable the router and the computer firewall just to launch it and the only game people play is Halo 2, and just Slayer with shotgun and energy sword on that shitty snow map over and over again, so fuck that.
Well here is a new update: I bought a PlayStation Portable. I'd been trying to find one for a couple months, I almost bought one but it was in a really bad shape without a charger. Most of them are quite expensive and I just can't justify spending that much money. But a week ago I found a wallet when I was walking home, and I found the guy and contacted him. He gave me a lot of money for returning it (and turned out he is a boss and said if I ever need a job just call him and he will hire me instantly lmao), and the next day I randomly looked up PlayStation Portable online sales and someone was selling a 3004 in my city for really cheap and in a really good shape. I felt like this was a sign and bought it later that day. And it came with a charger and a 64GB memory card which is like the largest you can use I believe. It also came with 2 Need for Speed games on UMD but I'm not gonna use that when you can just play games from the memory card lol. Seriously I can't believe how cheap it was, they go for like twice this much at least. So just like with the TV and the PlayStation 2, the best solution is always just waiting for months for the right one to pop up. It didn't come with an USB cable, and it turns out it needs Mini USB which I thought I don't have. But I realized I had this card reader and I can probably insert the card and just copy the games to it, and I was thinking where could it be when I realized it's outside somewhere in a bag lol. When I found it I immediately realized it has a removable Mini USB cable so I didn't needed it anymore lol. For some reason though it doesn't want to charge the console, but it's a really old one so I will buy one and see if it works, but it's not a big deal because it copies files and the charger works great. And seems like the battery lasts for a long time too so that's great. When I wanted to download games I quickly realized I only know a few, and I was worried if it was the right choice to spend my money on it, but as I went through a list of games I found so many I want to play that it's definitely worth it lol. As for the first game, MediEvil: Resurrection would be an obvious choice, but as it is a remake and I just played the original on PlayStation a few months ago, I would rather wait with it a year or more. Apparently it can play PlayStation games too, so I might use it for the games I don't want to waste a CD for if that shitty emulator doesn't work well. And it has some interesting homebrew games and emulators too, but I need to read more about them later. So finally I have all the consoles I ever wanted, hurray! And about the lack of reviews, I just don't have energy to type all that shit anymore. I need to return to the style of my earliest ones, where I just wrote a few lines about the games. Luckily I took notes of all the games I've played so I can always write them later.
A lot of things happened in the past few months: first of all, could barely play anything thanks to the insane heat we had all summer. It was worse than ever, and as I said said earlier I fucking hate summers in general but with this heat it was unbearable. Every couple weeks it got cold enough for a day or two so I could play a little bit but that was my entire gaming in the last 3 months. Seriously, fuck all global warming deniers, especially those retarded Americans, just because you don't see it happening in your country doesn't mean it isn't noticable somewhere else in the world. Finally it looks like the heat is gone and it's gonna stay cold. Just in time for my new acquisitions... There is a lot of them: I got a new 80 something cm Samsung LED TV, which looks so much better than my older HDTV which was really small and the black colors were kinda fucked up on it. Then I also found a 72cm Sony Trinitron CRT I was looking for, which is really hard to find, especially because almost all of them seem to be those shitty 100hz TVs and this one also has an NTSC mode which I really wanted. My other CRT was too small for my eyes and the picture was all fucked up and it looked really fucking awful with black bars everywhere on my PlayStation 2 for some reason. This one isn't perfect either, the geometry isn't the best (especially horizontally) but I improved it a little bit in the service menu, it's still much better than the previous one though. But the colors looked pretty bad and the picture was blurry as fuck, I was worried until I found out that's how it looks on larger TVs with composite lol. So the next step was finding new cables. The TV has RGB and S-Video inputs, I use my Xbox the most so it was the obvious choice for the better picture (and it's a 1.6, the older models can't output RGB colors correctly!). I only wanted official cables, and it took a while to find them used on the German eBay for cheap (I used the "family member in Germany" glitch to avoid the expensive shipping cost lol). When I turned on the Xbox with the Advanced SCART Cable I couldn't believe how beautiful it looks: the colors are soooo vivid and everything looks sharp as fuck, it's fucking incredible. The Sony S-Video cable was a big improvement too, but the colors aren't that noticeably better, however the awful blurriness is gone. And finally: I wasn't sure if I should use my PlayStation 2 to play PlayStation games, it seemed like buying the console was cheaper than buying a game, a memory card and new CDs, and I was scared I will fuck up something by taping down the ribbon cable and the sensors. But I couldn't find one for cheap, they are more expensive than a PlayStation 2 for some reason lol. Recently I found an official memory card for cheap, I was trying to bid in the last minute but apparently a lot of people want one lol so the price went up like crazy in the last minute bidding war. At the same time I found a German Tomb Raider II copy from the same seller, and I decided to go all in on that one. My winning bid just came in 2 seconds before the auction ended lmao, and it was pretty cheap. So I got the original game, next step was finding a memory card. It turned out it's also possible to use non-official cards with a trick, so I bought the cheapest one I could find (it was sold by a guy who used to write in a gaming magazine 20+ years ago, I recognized his name). So now all I needed was some CDs, so I bought 20 of them for really cheap. The final step: the taping mod. It was a bit messy, especially fixing the ribbon cable, but I managed to tape down everything. When the CDs arrived, I was really excited to try it out. I burned a game, put the Tomb Raider II disc in the PlayStation 2 and turned it on while holding a button to boot up PSXLauncher. I opened the lid, and the disc wasn't spinning, so my sensor taping was successful, and no scratches either by the ribbon cable! I put in the CD, then pressed X and the PlayStation logo showed up and the game booted up perfectly! At first I wasn't sure what to do with the memory card because the game only wants to save to Slot 1, but apparently you can just remove the FreeMcBoot memory card during the game, so it recognized it and formatted it, so everything works! I'm really excited to discover some new games, I know I also have the Nintendo 64 emulator but I just didn't really find any game that looks that interesting to me, I pretty much only use it to play something like Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart 64, or F-Zero X. I will take another look at some point, but right now I'm more interested in discovering the PlayStation's library. I think I already know what's the first game I'm gonna play, but I also need to figure out how to play different region games.
Couple new acquisitions: I had this shitty bootleg chink HDD Transfer Kit I bought more than 10 years ago, I used it to transfer title updates to my Xbox 360. Now that shit died, so I bought another one on eBay: that one wasn't working either, what a suprise (their shitty tracker didn't show it was delivered so I just said it never arrived and I got my money back lmao, fuck that country and their cheap shitty products). After doing some research it turns out you can copy any game data from USB flash drives if they are formatted by the console first. I don't remember if this was a thing a decade ago, I remember there was an update that allowed games to be installed on them, that's probably when it happened. Anyway I bought a 16GB SanDisk flash drive, it was really cheap and I found a coupon that made shipping free. I had a smaller one (2GB) I could easily use for title updates, but I need it to play installed XGD3 games (for some reason if you start playing a music from your flash drive then you can start those games without any errors, I have no idea who discovered this but bless him lol) and I actually found out some Xbox Live Arcade games and DLCs were DRM free, and after some deep googling I found them on various different sites. So I'm gonna play some of the DLCs too for games like Dragon Age: Origins, Borderlands, BioShock Infinite etc. Speaking of BioShock Infinite, I finally found a copy really cheap and I bought it, so I got my second and last original Xbox 360 game lmao. It had a shitty sticker on it from the store that sold it, I managed to peel it off, I hate when they do that shit. And so the biggest news: I bought a PlayStation 2. I was looking at some games recently I would love to try out, and I was doing some research to see which models are the best and how to softmod them. At first I wanted to buy a fat model because you can add a HDD (and I just think the originals are always the best looking), but it needs a network adapter and there is no way I could find one used in this country with it. Slims have ethernet ports but I didn't want to buy discs for it, because I know how unreliable the lasers in these consoles were. It turns out you can connect the console to your PC and run games from there. And there is a new method called FreeDVDBoot where you just need to burn a DVD and you can softmod the console with that. So I was looking through some local sites every once in a while but they cost more than what I wanted to pay. But I checked it again last week, and I found the exact model I was looking for, with original memory card and controller (most of the time I see them with shitty bootleg ones), without a modchip on a local eBay like auction website, starting from zero, whoever has the biggest bid wins when it expires. It felt like a sign, I knew I was gonna go for it. I had a price in my mind I was willing to give for it - basically half of what I usually see on these sites, and I thought if I'm lucky it might be just enough, because in this shithole people are so dumb they still think this is the 2000s and you need a modchip to play pirated games, they ain't gonna waste money on original games. So I was getting ready for a bidding war, checking the auction every day. There was a lot of bidding for a while then it slowed down a lot, there was only one bid on the last day, I thought it's gonna be an intense last minute battle. But minutes before it ended it was still the same price. So I put my bid on it, refreshing it like crazy every second to see who is gonna battle with me. No one did. I won. For almost half of what I wanted to pay maximum, for the third of other consoles with modchips (there was actually another auction like this but that console had a modchip, of course the price was higher on that and there were still a couple days left). Lmao. So I had the DVD and FreeMcBoot and OPL on my flash drive ready. When the console arrived, I couldn't believe how tiny it is. It looks so cheaply made, no wonder they made so much, the way you put the disc in it is just ridiculous. It didn't want to read the DVD, but it came with an original game (XIII, which I'm not gonna play there, I have it on Xbox) and it had no problems reading that, so I thought great, I can go and buy another DVD. I looked at the disc and saw these circular scratches, and I saw them on the game too. Apparently it's a common problem with Slims, caused by the shitty ribbon cable. But I just kept trying over and over again until it just read the disc, and I could install the softmod and the program needed to run games from the PC. I set up everything today, downloaded a game to see if it works and it played the game! I think I'm gonna clean it first and try to tape down the ribbon cable. And tape down the sensors too, because apparently that's what needed to play PlayStation games with softmod (there is a way to do that with an emulator, but it's not compatible with the game I want to play the most, and the model I bought is the only slim that can play them without issues). I need a memory card and an original game to play burned games, so that's not gonna happen for a while. I never really cared for Sony consoles, I think I only played on a PlayStation 2 once at some kid's house, I couldn't believe how bad Star Wars: Battlefront looked compared to my Xbox version, and that's a common thing for multiplat games, so I'm still gonna play most games there. But there are a couple exclusives I really want to play, like the Ace Combat games, Ico or Shadow of the Colossus for example. The controller is fucking awful though, the analog stick placement is retarded, and those R and L buttons feel so bad compared to triggers. Also it's so small, it's weird to hold it with my big hands, I hope I can get used to it. I think I'm gonna make a list of games I want to play first, I probably gonna start playing on it after that (I already know the first game is gonna be Ico). I also need to find a Sony Trinitron TV, because on this cheap shit I have the picture has a shitty black bar on the right and it isn't really centered. I have this issue with some Xbox games too, I hope I can get lucky with a TV too.
So I bought another pack of Verbatims right after the last post, but more than half of them were coasters and that made me really mad because I can't waste my money like that. I checked on Amazon how return works, no way I would have sent it back but after writing my complaint they gave my money back in a gift card and I didn't even have to send it back! What I did was I bought another pack with it lol and seems like they all work so I got one and a half pack for one's price, pretty good deal. I also bought another one from a local website recently because they had a discount and I didn't even have to pay for shipping and that's just a deal I couldn't miss. And because I found more games I'm interested in than discs I had it was perfect timing. Now I really can't think of more games to play so this was probably the last one I bought. I didn't really play much in the summer because the heat was just unbearable and my room was really hot too, so there were times I didn't turn on my Xbox 360 for a weeks, and never more than just 30 minutes. I hate summers so much, my body just breaks down if it's more than 20 degrees, I can't breath or sleep, I'm sweating all the time, the fan is constantly on and it doesn't even help that much, and I'm just in my underwear for months. And no, I'm not fat and I've never been fat, I was skinny most of my life but now my BMI is perfect. It got really cold recently and I can finally play more which is awesome.
Lot of things happened on the Xbox 360 front: I wanted to fix the USB flap on the faceplate then I realized I should clean out the console too. It was so hard to open it, I was so scared I'm gonna break something. Also it's ridiculous but that small plastic thingy that broke off was still in there lol, so I glued it back on and when I was trying it out a couple times it broke off and now I can't find it! Anyway the console was really dusty, this was the first time it was opened since 2012 I believe. Suprisingly the heatsinks barely had any dust on them, but the fans looked terrible. Here is a PHOTO of how it looked (it's missing the spiderwebs and dead spider that were on the back of the DVD drive lol). I'm way too scared to replace the thermal paste, hopefully that won't be a problem. And it shouldn't be: I always knew it's a Jasper, but I never knew it's the Kronos revision, which are the most reliable ones (yes, more reliable than the Slim and E models!). It was really suprising because it was made in early August, which makes it one of the earliest Kronos consoles out there, pretty cool. Anyway I cleaned it up and put it back together. It was still loud when I played from the disc, but I don't have to do that anymore because I finally finished Alien: Isolation. Also I was checking the Verbatim price on Amazon to see if it goes down a bit and I noticed there were only 10 something left, so I had no choice but to buy another pack. The problem is I'm not sure what games to burn. I burned 9 so far, one disc was a coaster but that turned out to be a good thing actually (unless I'm gonna need another disc in the future lol), I will tell why when I finish playing that game, it's such a ridiculous story! There are some games that can't be burned with a normal drive and there are two of them that I'm interested in. One is Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, which became the first retail game I've ever bought lmao. I have like 60+ games and this is the first one, crazy (I don't care what people think about piracy, I've always been poor and I'm not gonna miss out on things because I was born in a shithole with no opportunities). It was cheap and used, and it looks so awesome so I had to do it. The other game is BioShock Infinite, but I'm not sure about this and I don't have more money to waste. I will finish the first game on PC which I stopped playing years ago too and decide, but I don't remember liking it that much. Also I organized the way I think I'm gonna be playing games: I'm trying to pick games based on release date (the earlier ones first), and play not more than 3 games on Xbox at the same time. One would be a shooter, then some kind of adventure game without guns, and maybe some other short and easy game inbetween the two. On the Xbox 360 it would be 2 games max, an easy game that I can just play randomly (I feel like that's gonna be EDF for a while) and then something else, either a game I haven't finished or an earlier title. The reason why I left so many games unfinished is because new titles were coming out around 2010-11 when I was still playing something else, then I stopped for a new game and circle continued. I'm watching longplays on YouTube to catch up with them, and of games that I played on PC and didn't like but I have the sequel which should be a lot better. Well, I hope I can put together a list of games that I want to burn soon.
Man it's crazy how many games I've left unfinished. Games I just stopped playing 5-10 years ago and it feels like just a few years. I think I'm not gonna play anything new on Xbox 360 until I finish at least some of them. I played a little bit of Alien: Isolation, I was so excited for that game because it feels and looks like the first Alien movie. I love those sci-fi movies with futuristic analog technology so fucking much. Alien, Star Wars, Blade Runner. God I just love that so much and this game is full of it. I don't even know why I stopped playing, I remember it was ridiculously stressful though. I'm gonna rewatch the missions I've played just to remind myself what's going on, I remember the alien got blown out of the airlock and there was something about androids but not much else. At least I remember something, I will have to start a new game with Red Dead Redemption because I forgot everything. This might have been the only game I've played on a 720p TV with HDMI cable, and the last Xbox 360 game I've played (with the exception of Earth Defense Force 2025, which I've only started playing recently). Every other one I played on my shitty CRT with composite cable, I didn't even know there is a graphical difference. I played Ace Combat 6's tutorial just to try it out and it looks so gorgeous. Also I discovered so many cool games I would like to play, mostly RPGs. I've never really been into that genre, I mean fantasy RPGs, but I'm playing Fable: The Lost Chapters and I'm enjoying it. It's gonna take a while to get there, these games take a long time to finish so I hope I will have more DVDs by then.
Finally my Verbatim discs arrived. This is the first time I ordered something from Amazon and it took them a week just to ship it because of that stupid virus. Who the hell buys food from Amazon anyway? I guess I should talk about this virus as the great happening of our time: it has no effect on my life whatsoever lmao. Well except for going out less to buy food. I understand that we can't overwhelm hospitals (especially in this shithole) but the panic is ridiculous. You know what else is ridiculous? People going crazy because they have to stay home. They have access to all the movies, music, books, games, whatever in the world through the internet but that's boring, they gotta go out and socialize lmao. "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone." What a great quote. Anyway I bought 10 discs, I thought about buying the 25 pack but I went with the cheaper option because it should be enough for the games I really want to play. Here is a few of them: Perfect Dark Zero: I remember when it came out and I thought it looks good, but I've never played the original and I'm gonna do that first on my Nintendo 64 emulator. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter: I remember seeing it in stores and in a magazine I bought and I was obsessed with it. This is probably the Crimson Skies of my Xbox 360 lol. Syndicate: I don't know much about it but I thought it looked awesome when it came out so I gotta try it out. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition: I actually thought about getting this ages ago but it didn't look interesting enough, but after reading more about it I want to play it. Ace Combat 6: looks like a really good flight sim and I can't wait to try it out.
Last night before falling asleep I was thinking about making a website where I post about the games I've finished playing. I've flirted with this idea for a while after lurking on /retro/, and I used to have one almost 2 decades ago but I forgot everything and I'm too much of a brainlet to do real coding so I'm using SeaMonkey. Recently I rearranged some stuff in my room and put my old Xbox and my Xbox 360 to more accessible places. I got really into the idea of playing older games again (new games just suck, everything is either DLC ridden cancer or half assed early access indie garbage, and I'm kinda stuck in the past and still think the graphics on 10-15 years old games look great) so upgraded my old Xbox with a newer softmod and bought a bigger HDD, as for my Xbox 360 I ordered some Verbatim discs. As for why consoles, I just don't like PC gaming that much and I have an ancient toaster that would make it harder anyway (although I want to play a few games there too). I've downloaded so many games (including a Nintendo 64 emulator with 212 games for my Xbox) it's gonna take years to go through all of them (I have a bad case of simulation sickness, I may talk about it later but I can't really play more than 30 minutes or an hour or I will get a pretty bad headache). But whenever I will finish a game I will write my thoughts about it, but no ratings because that's lame. I don't like attention so I don't want to write those on imageboards but I like the idea of leaving my thoughts behind as a time capsule, maybe some day someone will find it and read through it, I like doing that with old websites although it always makes me sad (some other time I will tell why). I may post about personal stuff too but I'm really paranoid about that, my family never left me any personal space and always wanted to get into my private life and ruin shit and that kinda fucked me up.